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Your Donation will allow families in need of support to receive all the services provided by lifepoint

lifepoint is a division of Carter-Kelly Consulting is a behavior learning resource center for parents of young children, tweens and teens, teachers, health administrators, and professionals.


Today, many of us are facing numerous life challenges as we strive to build personal and professional lives that are happy, successful, and emotionally fulfilling. Too often, however, the continual struggle with these challenges make reaching these goals seem impossible. 


Eventually, we reach the point where we need to find a solution. 


This is where lifepoint can help!  If you are unsure how to get past your problems and barriers, lifepoint will teach you how to master your challenges and start living with success.  


lifepoint coaching programs are designed to be fun, effective and success-oriented learning experiences.  Each course focuses on a specific area of everyday life and is directed by a professional learning coach with expertise in the specific course category. Our learning methodology teaches individuals ways to master the elements of each area so they can consciously direct their behavior toward their goals. We offer courses that explore individual behavior, family dynamics, business challenges and spiritual renewal.      


Set life in your intended direction by mapping out comprehensive short and long-term life plans with intention and purpose.


Clean Eating and Exercise

Learn how to nourish your body for optimum health, energy, and whole-self well being. 


Explores the concept of growing and moving forward as a requirement for  you to lead.


Financial Abundance

Keys to wealth accumulation by creating and managing positive cash flows.


Legal Structure

Grow generational wealth by effectively transferring your estate assets to the next generation.


Spiritual Renewal

Experience spiritual renewal and explore how you can gain a better understanding of your life's purpose.


Redirecting Children's Behavior      

Gain specific tools that will help you parent with the end in mind while redirecting behavior and avoiding stressful day-to-day confrontations.


High Conflict Diversion

Develop high conflict diversion skills and communication strategies that work across separate viewpoints, households, and work environments toward a shared outcome.

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